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CCTV – China central television

The new brand image unifies the on-air graphics of the international & foreign language channels based on the core values of CCTV News: Internationality, Balance and Multi-perspective.
CCTV News International - Picture 1
CCTV News International - Picture 2
CCTV News International - Picture 3
CCTV News International - Picture 4


Along with the move of their 5 channels into the iconic headquarter in Beijing, CCTV News International wanted to position itself as a global news provider targeting to the developing countries and an international audience interested in China.
 The creation of the new brand image included idents, news graphic and several format packages. 
The philosophy is represented by the „CCTV Sphere“, a stylized globe with 2 shapes in permanent and balanced motion. With red and gold color as reference to China. The „CCTV Sphere“ is the key visual throughout the various elements.


Logo design, idents


Release: 2014 • Client: CCTV News International, China • Agency: Perfect Accident Creative Services GmbH • Creative Director: Martin Kett • Design & Animation: Markus Feder, Sermin Kaynak, Tobias Szabo, Maria Regenspurger, Christiane Scheibe, Motoscope GbR, Prophecy FX, Kay Tennemann, Patrick Becher, Rupert Maurer • Executive Production: Flint Skallen • Music: Stephen Arnold Music