Komm raus... Das Erste


summer / autumn campaign


Das Erste

"Das Erste" summer & autumn campaign 2014 invites the audience to transform the public space into their intimate surrounding and to enjoy these seasons with all their senses.
Komm raus... Das Erste - Picture 1
Komm raus... Das Erste - Picture 2
Komm raus... Das Erste - Picture 3
Komm raus... Das Erste - Picture 4
Komm raus... Das Erste - Picture 5
Komm raus... Das Erste - Picture 6
Komm raus... Das Erste - Picture 7


Summertime is holiday season. For all who cannot start out to classic holiday destinations, 
the short movies depict spontaneous and individual outdoor scenes that are motivation to switch public cultural spots into an open-air living room. The poetic lyrics even emphasize this attitude to life.

The campaign was accompanied by various marketing tools like postcards, crafting instructions, social media and online design.





Idents, bumpers, online and social media design, marketing tools


Release: July 2014 / October 2014 • Client: Das Erste, Germany • Agency: Perfect Accident Creative Services GmbH / velvet Mediendesign GmbH • Client CD: Henriette Edle von Hoessle • Client PM: Sylvia Kreuzer • Agency Head of Design: Martin Kett • Creative Direction: Thomas Wernbacher, Stefanie Reinhart, Iris Engler • Account Director / Producer: Kathrin Hagenbach • Production: velvet Mediendesign GmbH • Director: Matthias Zentner • Producer: Oliver Loessl • DoP: Alexander Stanshev • Service Production: Chouchkov Brothers • Service Producer: Maria Metodieva • Art Director: Sabina Christova • Post Producer: Oliver Loessl • Edit: Jochen Kraus • Color Correction Base-Light: Bianca Rudolph • Lead Artist Flame: Sylvia Roessler • Nuke Artist: Manuel Voss, Rayk Hemmerling • Music production: Dominik Giesriegl • Lyrics: Keno Langbein • Sound Mix: EXIT Studio Munich