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Powerful and straightforward rebranding of NOVA TV’s nationwide news programs Dnevnik, Vecernje Vijesti, Vijesti and Breaking News achieved by a sharp and winning design.
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Design, concept and production of comprehensive on-air design with news graphic packages, openers and closers for individual requirements of various programs. The work also included the design of insert graphics like political maps, weather maps and icons, as well as sports and economic graphs and tables. The whole design process was accomplished within 3 months.


Opener, logo design, on-air design, screen real estate system, info graphics, style guide


Client: Nova TV, Croatia • Agency: Flint Skallen, Munich • Concept, design and production: Perfect Accident Creative Services GmbH, Munich • CD: Martin Kett (PA) • Design & Animation: Elisa Krenz, Carmen Hirschfeld, Patrick Becher, Jakob Konrad, Achim John (PA) • Graphic Design: Joana Leal, Wiebke Pforr (PA) • Project Management: Kathrin Hagenbach (PA) • VizRT Programming & Installation; Avirtico, Gunther Lohneis, Munich • Executive Production: Flint Skallen, Munich