Pfeift Euch was – Das Erste


easter / spring campaign


Das Erste

The core of the "Das Erste" spring campaign is a whistle that spreads throughout the country. A domino effect catches the people, they all whistle the song of spring.
Pfeift Euch was – Das Erste - Picture 1
Pfeift Euch was – Das Erste - Picture 2
Pfeift Euch was – Das Erste - Picture 3
Pfeift Euch was – Das Erste - Picture 4
Pfeift Euch was – Das Erste - Picture 5


Spring inspires people and their surroundings which is the focus of this mid season campaign.

Joy is increasing with every ray of sunlight. Inspired by the sunbeams and the first twittering of a bird, a person starts whistling. The whistle has an inspiring effect on everyone else.


Idents, Bumpers, online and social media design, marketing tools


16th International Eyes & Ears Awards 2014: 3rd Prize in the category "Best Design-Related Musical Composition"


Release: February 2014 • Client: Das Erste, Germany • Agency: Perfect Accident Creative Services GmbH / velvet Mediendesign GmbH • Client CD: Henriette Edle von Hoessle • Client PM: Sylvia Kreuzer • Agency Head of Design: Martin Kett • Creative Direction: Thomas Wernbacher, Stefanie Reinhart • PM: Thomas Wernbacher • Production: velvet Mediendesign GmbH • Director: Matthias Zentner • Producer: Oliver Loessl • Editor: Anja Rosin • DoP: Torsten Lippstock • Art Department: Maria Battaglia • Flame: Tom Tiller • Color Grading: Bianca Rudolph • Music: Florian Riedl • Sound Mix: Florian Riedl